Nano Ceramic Membrane Water Supply Equipment


Nano Ceramic Membrane Water Supply Equipment

Product overview

Nano ceramic membrane water supply equipment (referred to as NCMWS)initiative combines ozone and Nano ceramic membrane materials, by ozone oxidation and disinfection effect and Nano ceramic membrane (filter aperture 10 ~ 100 nm) of filtration separation function, so as to get rid of the source water, organic matter, turbidity, the shade of the harmful material such as bacteria, viruses, colloid, provides high quality drinking water.Different series of products can be provided according to different water quality. All products are highly integrated and standardized.

Product advantages

Small floor area and high equipment integration degree, no need for civil construction, quick installation and ready to use

Good effluent quality, stable operation and easy maintenance

No need to add chemical agents, less excess sludge, no by-products are produced

Lower investment and operating costcompared with tubular ceramic membrane

Compared with organic ultrafiltration membrane, it has strong anti-pollution performance, large flux and good chemical stability

Ozone can slow down the fouling rate of ultrafiltration membrane

Automatic operation, remote monitoring

Modular design allows scaling up of water plants of any size

Can be installed as a single treatment unit between water source and distribution network

Scope of product

Renovate old water works in rural areas; replace old facilities with integrated equipment

New rural construction of tap water supply stations, integrated tap water supply equipment

Improve tap water quality in enterprise parks, schools, communities and other population centers

Process application of large town waterworks

Other water demand projects