Multi-soil-layer System

Multi-soil-layer System(图1)

Multi-soil-layer System

Main Principle

As a new type of artificial land treatment system, the Multi-soil-layer system has special module structure which can overcome the defects of traditional soil percolation system such as low hydraulic load, low nitrogen and phosphorus removal efficiency and easy blockage.It consists mainly of artificially assembled clay blocks (whose composition can be flexibly adjusted according to local resources, but which include iron particles or iron debris) stacked one on top of another, leaving gaps between the blocks to fill with natural zeolite or coke with strong adsorption properties (depending on local cheap materials).The removal rate of BOD5 by MSL system (coke and zeolite) was up to 75.2-87.8%, the removal rate of total nitrogen was up to 100%, and the total phosphorus was almost completely removed.In addition, the system can run continuously for a long time without the need to regenerate or replace the soil blocks.

Process characteristics

The system is divided into zeolite bed, activated coke (or activated carbon) adsorption filter bed, composite percolation sand bed multi-stage composition, the sewage of different properties of target pollutants targeted removal

The multi-stage soil percolation system has higher hydraulic load and higher pollutant load than the simple constructed wetland system or soil percolation system

The micro-aeration system can improve the removal efficiency of pollutants and solve the problem of easy blocking of seeping bed

Plants grow on the surface of the system. On the one hand, the root system can purify water quality, and on the other hand, it can beautify the environment to some extent

The system does not produce activated sludge, saving the treatment cost of activated sludge, and will not cause secondary pollution to the environment caused by improper disposal of activated sludge

Low construction investment cost; low operating costs, system tons of water operating costs in 0.15 yuan

The effluent effect is good, and the effluent quality can meet the level A standard in the discharge standard of pollutants in urban sewage treatment plant (gb18918-2002) or the water quality standard of landscape and green reuse water

Designed into standard modular equipment according to unit handling capacity, which is convenient for transportation and field installation

Early cultivation of biofilm in ecological filter bed can realize the installation and use of the system at any time without debugging stage, thus making the system start up quickly

Scope of Application

Rural sewage treatment

Landscape water maintenance

Ecological restoration and maintenance of lakes and rivers