Company Profile


Guangxi Briwater Environment Investment Co.,Ltd was established in 2013, the registered capital of 51.72 million yuan, the company is located in Guangdong-Guangxi Interprovincial Pilot Cooperation Special Zone, is a company dedicated to urban wastewater treatment, municipal sewage treatment, industrial wastewater pollution control, and other fields, the specialty is engaged in the environmental protection infrastructure project investment, construction, operation and management of high-tech enterprises. The companies pay attention to scientific and technological innovation, and actively introduce first-class wastewater treatment at home and abroad experts and senior environmental protection personnel, specially-invited expert of the Chinese academy of engineering Pen Yongzhen as a company, with tsinghua university, Beijing university of technology, sun yat-sen university and other first-class water treatment research institutions, laboratories, such as the depth of cooperation, establish a national demonstration projects of urban sewage treatment at all levels and in sewage treatment technology research and development and application of provide strong technical support.At present, the company's r&d team of sewage treatment technology has 23 scientific and technical personnel, among which 15 are with intermediate and senior titles, 5 with doctor's degrees and 6 with master's degrees.