Nano Flat Ceramic Membrane

Nano Flat Ceramic Membrane(图1)

Nano FlatCeramic Membrane

Nano Flat Ceramic Membrane is an asymmetric Membrane formed by the preparation of inorganic Ceramic Membrane materials. The tube wall of Nano Flat Ceramic Membrane is covered with micropores, under the action of pressure, the material fluid flows through the membrane tube or the outer membrane of the membrane, and the small molecule (or liquid) through the membrane, the macromolecular substance (or solid) is trapped by the membrane. Thus, it achieves separation, concentration, purification and environmental protection.

Advantages ofNano Flat Ceramic Membrane

Good chemical stability and strong corrosion resistance

High mechanical strength and Wide temperature scope

High separation precision

Strong resistance for pollution, not easily polluted

Save energy and reduce consumption

Big flux, long service time

Specification of Nano Flat Ceramic Membrane